Grains in Stock

Our grains are sold either by the ounce or pound. However, we are happy to special order whole bags upon request*.

We stock malts and grains from the USA, UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium!  Chances are, we have what you need!

Base Malts  Maltster
2-Row Brewer’s Malt Briess
American Pale Ale Malt Briess
American Pilsen Malt Briess
Belgian Pale Ale Malt Dingemans
Belgian Pilsen Malt Dingemans
German Pale Ale Avangard Malz
German Pilsen Malt Avangard Malz
U.K. Maris Otter Muntons
U.K. Pale Ale (Propino) Muntons
Light Munich Avangard Malz
Rye Malt Briess
Vienna Malt Avangard Malz
Michigan 2-row Pilot
Michigan 6-row Pilot
PB Toast Malt Pilot


Specialty Grains  Maltster
Acid  (Sour)  (1-3°L) Meussdoerffer
Amber  (30°L) Muntons
Aromatic  (17-21°L) Dingemans
Biscuit  (18-27°L) Dingemans
Black  (500°L) Briess
Blackprinz  (500°L) Briess
Brown  (80°L) Goldswaen
Caramel Munich  (60°L) Briess
Caramel Rye  (60°L) Briess
CaraVienne  (20-24°L) Dingemans
Caramel  (10°L,  20°L,  40°L,  60°L,  80°L,  120°L) Briess
Carapils  (1.3°L) Briess
Chocolate  (363 – 512°L) Muntons
Chocolate Rye  (180-300°L) Weyermann
Coffee Malt  (200°L) Blackswaen
Dark Munich  (15°L) Briess
De-Bittered Black  (500-600°L) Dingemans
Flaked Barley  (1.4°L) Briess
Flaked Corn  (Maize)  (0.8°L) Briess
Flaked Oats  (2.5°L) Briess
Flaked Rice  (1°L) Briess
Flaked Rye  (3°L) Briess
Flaked Wheat  (2°L) Briess
Honey Malt  (15-20°L) Gambrinus
Light Chocolate  (200°L) Muntons
Melanoidin Malt  (30-40°L) Meussdoerffer
Midnight Wheat  (550°L_ Briess
Red Wheat  (2.3°L) Briess
Roasted Barley  (300°L) Briess
Cherrywood Smoked  (5°L) Briess
Special B  (140-155°L) Dingemans
Special Roast  (50°L) Briess
Torrified Wheat  (1.5°L) Briess
U.K. Crystal  (60°L) Muntons
Unmalted Wheat  (1.5-4°L) Rahr
Victory  (25°L) Briess
White Wheat  (2.5°L) Briess

 * – All products subject to availability. Please allow up to two weeks for completion of special orders.