The COVID-19 Virus and Your Local Homebrew Shop (CCHS)

We here at CCHS are dedicated to helping the home brewer / winemaker / mead maker / distiller pursue their hobby. Or craft, if you prefer. We are also a business that needs to make money in order to cover our bills and, in general, survive. As this crisis continues to evolve, we will probably have to continuously re-assess and modify our business model. It is in the interest of everyone to halt the spread of this disease, and so far I have been of the mindset that this is, for us, a more or less one on one business and therefore at low risk of spreading the disease. Retail sales at this level offer low risk of contact and contamination, and I have been very careful to sanitize frequently throughout the business day.

Now that the state has lifted restrictions, we are back to having regular, but reduced, hours. We are now open noon to six PM, Monday through Saturday, and are closed Sunday. If you wish, you may call in or Email your grain orders, and we will have them ready for you when you come in. We will still do curbside and phone sales if you prefer. Thanks for sticking with us and staying safe!